Massage Therapy and How it Helps Our Bodies

Massage is a treatment that can restore and maintain good health through the manipulation of soft tissues.

Massage is also related to holistic therapy, choice of food, drink, work, and leisure.

Besides to so many different disciplines, it is not surprising that massage therapy can satisfy each individual.

As a relaxing and enjoyable activity, massage regenerates the mind and body as well as enhances awareness, restores the clarity of thought and creativity of spirit.

Benefits of massage therapy:

  • Better mobility

  • Inner peace and greater self-confidence

  • Improves immunity

  • Eliminates or alleviates allergy symptoms

  • Improves general health and athletic performance

  • Gets rid of depression, stress, tension, and fatigue

  • Mitigates headache, insomnia, digestive problems

  • Massage therapy slows down and stops the degeneration of the spine

  • Helps to lose weight, strengthen joints, relax muscles, stretch the tendons

  • Increases the general elasticity of the body

  • Slows down the aging process

  • Makes intervertebral discs healthier

  • Massage is completely safe and natural.

So massage has a beneficial effect on the muscular system, bones, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, digestive system, skin, genitourinary system, reproductive system.

The healing power of massage can enhance if you add meditation and visualization exercises and the usage of crystals and essential oils amplifies the positive power of massage therapy.

In problems with muscles, joints, and other parts of the body, strong manipulative massage therapy techniques bring the best results.

The healing power is in the activation of tissues, where toxins accumulated in muscles and joints are released.

Pressure Points in the Massage

Acupressure points are not magic buttons that heal health problems; however, if used frequently and carefully, they can establish a balance of body and mind, so the problems arise less frequently and of reduced intensity.

Points on the top of the head and back of the body:

  • GV20 acupuncture point - poor memory and concentration, headaches, mild depression. It relaxes the mind and calms the mind
  • GV16 - colds, headaches, sore throat, nosebleeds
  • GB20 - neck stiffness, headaches caused by stress, insomnia, hypertension. Use in combination with GV16, to cold symptoms have resolved
  • B10 - stress, tension, nervousness, insomnia. Increases awareness, calms the mind, relaxes the body, relieves cold symptoms and flu
  • GB21 - tension and fatigue in the area of #8203; #8203; the shoulders and neck, stiffness shoulders. Relaxes thoughts, reduce nervousness, stress, anger, and irritability
  • B13 - breathing problems, detoxification
  • B23, B47 - reduces pain in the lower back, establishes balance in the energy of the kidneys and digestive system
  • TH4 - reduces pain in the wrists
  • LI4 - headaches, mild depression, general types of pain
  • K3 - against water retention in the body, swollen feet, sleep problems. Protects the immune system. The very useful and safe pressure point for massage in pregnant women facilitates labor pains
  • B60 - pain in the lower back and joints, rheumatic pains

Acupressure points on the face and front of the body:

  • GV25 - depression, weakened immune system. A pure mind calms fears, relaxes the body
  • B2, GV24.5 - eye and sinus problems, headaches, and others facial pain
  • B1 - nosebleeds, tired and sore eyes
  • LI20 - colds that include the head area, blockages nose
  • ST - sinuses, tired and dry eyes
  • GV26 - dizziness, fainting, convulsions
  • K27 - sore throat, cough, hiccups, nervousness. Establishes balance in kidney function
  • L1 - asthma, breathing problems. Stabilizes emotions relieves states of confusion, clears thoughts
  • CV17 - mild depression, sadness
  • CV12 - emotional problems, stress, digestive problems

The effect of massage is based on the mechanical stimulation of receptors, during which various reactions of tissues and organs occur.

Besides this, massage has a direct mechanical effect on the tissue.

Under the influence of massage, the swelling of lymphatic and venous blood increases, active hyperemia of arterioles and capillaries occurs, which increases local metabolism and elimination of decomposition, harmful metabolic products, resorption of swelling.

It has an antispasmodic, analgesic effect, increases the secretory activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, which leads to a decrease in fatigue, improvement of contact ability, and generally relaxing, sedative effect.

Modern massage connects with Chinese therapy is very effective.

In modern practice, massage is used not only for therapeutic but also for prophylactic purposes such as relaxation and sports.